Seen and Unseen, Many Live

Visitor Contact: Seeing the forest for the trees

Breckmann's book is imaginative, scholarly and brave.  The author seeks audience with the Visitors through mediums, parses other works for meaning and a coherent pattern of this great historical phenomenon.  Then he actually asks them, the Others, for an audience and gets it!

Author Georg Breckmann plies the tools of investigative journalism to unveil the facts. Experiencers speak from the pages.  Finding truth, or even communicating with the Others meant getting the ego and one's own worldview out of the way.  As a reader I saw through the eyes of other, more evolved intelligences, a novel perspective.   Contact offers experiencers a sense of common events that have affected a larger public and breaks down the sense of isolation that they must suffer.

This book focuses on first-hand direct ET interaction and experience.  It does not present one "race" like the "Grays" as representative of all visitors, nor does it generalize from one type of ET encounter.  Breckmann is careful to reveal different perspectives and to admit that there are probably many more.
Some readers find it worth reading many times because it explores many themes- the overall cosmology and the place of visitation in the scheme of things, the role of shamans as purveyors of the energies of off-world or immaterial intelligences, and, above all, the direct reporting of his own encounter with a humanoid, benevolent ET culture, the Pluvadians. He eschews the sensationalist stereotypes of abducting and implanting malevolent Aliens and explores the stories of Contactees with compassion.

Contact and Cosmology also explores the interface between spirituality and mankind's growing awareness of the presence of higher-order beings among us.   It avoids repeating the evangelical tones of muscular Christianity or Islam.   It refrains from overlaying opinion onto the experiences of contactees.   It simply explores, presents, and lets the readers make up our own minds.   The spirituality it evinces is a reverence for this world, for living things and a desire that each be allowed to bloom where it is planted, with appreciation for all indigenous and shamanic traditions, including those of Europe.

The author also experienced his own adventures on the way and made several Contacts with different groups of aliens.   Talk or third-hand knowledge is unreliable when compared to the firsthand testimony we've accumulated.   Breckmann spent six years on his quest and then another three writing and gathering the data from his interviewed guests.

His compelling experiences even include radiation burns which are pictured in the book.

It takes courage to explore, meet the unknown, and broaden one's world; when you finish this book you can count yourself among those who've done so.


Georg Breckmann, author, investigates the UFO and ET Phenomenon

              "Institutions create certainties and, taken seriously, certainties deaden the heart and shackle the imagination." p XI
              ~ Ivan Illich

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